Dignified Hope Care Logo
Ranelle Baldwin
President & Founder Dignified Hope Care Inc.

As a local business owner, I value supporting our local Sheriffs for the immense safety that we easily take for granted in our community. Integrity & Honor are qualities exuded throughout all in the department, which will continue my years of thankfulness to further support!!

CAME Security Alarms Logo
Colette M. Came
Owner/ President Came Security Alarms

I did not fully understand the real need to supplement our local law enforcement until my son became a Deputy. As well as the department is with fabulous leadership, funds were always needed to help the Deputies and officers of all county agencies. I could see my financial involvement going directly to making them safer and better able to protect us, the public.

Tenet Health Logo
Tenet Health

United in safeguarding our community’s well-being, Tenet Health Central Coast proudly supports the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Advisory Foundation. Our commitment to this collaboration with local first responders echoes our dedication as the County’s designated trauma center at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center, ensuring swift, comprehensive care in times of need.

Pacific Gas & Electric Logo
Pacific Gas & Electric

PG&E is a proud sponsor of the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Advisory Foundation and all they do to help promote safety throughout our community.  Our partnership has included many community events, including the Sheriff’s Family Day and support for the many local Community Emergency Response Teams (CERTs) in our county.

CoVelop Logo
Pat Arnold
C.E.O. CoVelop

The Sheriff’s Advisory Foundation is a key part of the safety net for our local enforcement. We know that lack of funding is a reality that we’ll always be dealing with and it is our job as a community to step up and help. Whether it be for personal equipment or training or even a K9 the SAF is always there to help.

San Luis Ambulance Logo
Jamie Kelton
San Luis Ambulance

San Luis Ambulance is proud to be a sponsor of the Sheriff’s Advisory Foundation. We feel it is imperative for our community members to actively support our local law enforcement agencies. Our county continues to grow and with that growth comes unexpected expenses and challenges. We are honored to be able to help support projects and needs that arise for our Sheriff’s department.

SLO Sheriffs Advisory Foundation Logo
Michael Morris
Andre, Morris & Buttery SAF Legal Counsel

A Board of Directors of a Non-Profit Corporation like the Sheriff’s Advisory Foundation is really a team. Each of the Directors brings his or her special talents, energy and devotion to the Board. Some Directors are good with numbers, others are good planners, some have the ability to find a middle path between divergent views…

SLO Sheriffs Advisory Foundation Logo
Jim Brabeck
SAF Board of Director Farm Supply Company

It is an HONOR to be asked to join, or to be elected, as a Board of Director of any Corporation. Those who have chosen you, or those who have elected you, are trusting you on their behalf, to prudently manage the affairs of their Organization.  A successful Board, such as the Sheriff’s Advisory Foundation Board,…

SLO Sheriffs Advisory Foundation Logo
Tracy Weed
SAF Board of Director Retired Tech Executive

In general, government agencies are unable to fully address the needs of folks in our communities. Being on the Sheriff Advisory Foundation Board of Directors allows me to help define and implement projects that provide the much needed additional resources to the SLO County Sheriff’s department. The Board is a great group of folks all…

SLO Sheriffs Advisory Foundation Logo
Victoria O’Keeffe
Board of Director SAF Administrative Secretary

I like being a Sheriff’s Advisory Foundation Board of Director because I believe in the mission & goals of SAF and enjoy working with so many diverse members in San Luis Obispo County who share the same desire to help law enforcement with funding and support. Our county is fortunate to have such a supportive…

SLO Sheriffs Advisory Foundation Logo
Sylvia Dodd
SAF Board of Director Retired Vice President Banker

The benefits of being a Sheriff’s Foundation Director you seek to improve community life, and build partnerships between law enforcement, youth, and the public. The Foundation works to develop the physical, mental, and social capabilities of SLO County.